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Monday, 13 January 2014

Psalm LXIV. 6. The Heart is Deep by Roger Wolcott

He that can trace a Ship making her way,
Amidst the threatening Surges on the Sea;
Or track a Towering Eagle in the Air,
Or on a Rock find the Impressions there
Made by a Serpents Footsteps. Who Surveys
The Subtile Intreagues that a Young Man lays,
In his Sly Courtship of an harmless Maid,
Whereby his Wanton Amours are Conveyed
Into her Breast; Tis he alone that can
Find out the Cursed Policies of Man.

From: Wolcott, Roger, V. Early American Poetry. The Poems of Roger Wolcott, Esq. 1725, 1898, The Club of Odd Volumes: Boston, p. 12.

Date: 1725

By: Roger Wolcott (1679-1767)