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Monday, 6 January 2014

The Departure of Love by James Clarence Mangan

Spirit of wordless love, that in the lone
Bowers of the poet’s musing soul doth weave
Tissues of thought hued like the skies at eve
Ere the last glories of the sun are flown!
How soon, almost before our hearts have known
The change, above the ruins of thy throne
Whose vanished beauty we would fain retrieve
With all earth’s thrones beside, we stand and grieve.
But weep not: for the world’s chill breath has bound
In chains of ice the fountains of our tears,
And ever-mourning memory thenceforth rears
Her altars upon desecrated ground.
And always, with a low despondful sound,
Tolls the disastrous bell of all our years.

From: Mangan, James Clarence, His Selected Poems with a study by the editor Louise Imogen Guiney, 1897: Lamson, Wolffe and Company: Boston and New York, p. 326.

Date: 1835

By: James Clarence Mangan (1803-1849)