Love’s Invitation by John Le Gay Brereton

Seize on the present, for the past is dead,
And all the future looms with stormy sky
Livid and rumbling, and the dark is nigh—
The terrors of a night when overhead
The crash of thunder weighs the heart with dread,
And ceaseless lightnings snake-like writhe and fly
About the lift, and all the meadows lie
Sodden with streaming rain, and love hath fled.
Forget the future ; let the present shake
Its petals round us in the sunshine here!
Forget old pain and taste new joy instead!
For one brief moment, live for love’s own sake
In careless pleasure, free from hope and fear:
Seize on the present, for the past is dead!

From: Brereton, John Le Gay, The Song of Brotherhood and Other Verses, 2003, University of Sydney Library: Sydney, p. 19.

Date: 1896

By: John Le Gay Brereton (1871-1933)

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