Sonnet IV by Josiah Conder

There’s beauty, motion, music in the stream,
And these are sweet; but sweeter are the flowers
That bathe therein: they live, and in the beam
Of morn unfold, closing when evening lowers,
And seem to feel the sunshine and the showers:—
Yet only seem; and therefore sweeter still,
The insect joying in his conscious powers
Of flight or sport, taking his little fill
Of happiness, ephemeral type of ours
Yet mind’s ethereal spark is wanting there,
And therefore sweeter are those chubby faces
Peeping through yonder gate, in which one traces
The dawn of soul, — speaking of mother’s care,
And hope; and love— in which the heart can share.

From: Conder, Josiah, The Star in the East; with Other Poems, 1824, Taylor and Hessey: London, p. 149.

Date: 1824

By: Josiah Conder (1789-1855)

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