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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Listen to the Wind by Caroline Sturgis Tappan

Oft do I pause amid this various life,
And ask me whence and to what end I be,
And how this world is, with its busy strife,
Till all seems new and marvellous to me.
The faces and the forms, which long had grown
Tedious and common to my wearied sense,
Seem in a moment changed to things unknown,
And I gaze at them with an awe intense;
But none do stop to wonder with me too,
So I pass on and mingle with the rest,
And quite forget the far and wondrous view
In glimpses shown, when mystery was my guest.
Yet, when I sit and prate of idle things
With idle men, the night wind’s howl I hear,
And straight come back those dim, wild questionings,
Like ghosts who wander through a sense-bound sphere.

From: Tappan, Caroline Sturgis, Listen to the Wind, The Dial, April 1841, I (IV), 461

Date: 1841

By: Caroline Sturgis Tappan (1818-1888)