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Friday, 19 April 2013

The Night Loves Us by Louis Adeane (Donald Potter)

This is our love, these wheels and chains,
Walls, windows, vistas, fettered edge of foam.
Our blood blew red and melted; these remains
Are love cooled down to solid shapes of home.

Yet outside place, beyond our brittle light
Spread fields incredible, the planes of love;
Invisibly they flood towards our sight,
Our little city stands within a wave.

And growing greenly in subversive park
Their secret fountains flourishing impel
The child to feel love falling from the dark,
The wishing girl to dream beside a well.

So leaping flowers in the burning town
May light the marble gardens of our thought
And running visions melt our coldness down
To fire the insurgent freedom of the heart.

From: Rexroth, Kenneth (ed), The New British Poets. An Anthology, 1947, New Directions: Verona, pp. 4-5.

Date: 1946

By: Louis Adeane (Donald Potter) (c1920-?)