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Monday, 25 March 2013

Lyric Address to Dr Jenner by Nathaniel Bloomfield

[Vaccine Inoculation.–Distress and Terrors of the Small Pox.–Dangers of Delay.]

Rejoice, rejoice, Humanity!
The fell, destructive, sore Disease,
The pest of ages, now can be,
Repell’d with safety and with ease.

He well deserves his Country’s Meed,
By whom the peerless blessing came;
And thousands from destruction freed,
Shall raptur’d speak of JENNER’S name.

Yes, JENNER’S vigilance is crown’d;
A sovereign antidote is given:
The Blessing flows the Nations round;
Free he diffus’d the gift of Heaven.

So well approv’d it’s sure effect,
To turn aside the’ impending harm;
And shall parental Love neglect
To minister the precious balm?

Oh! no; beware of dire Delay,
Ye, who caress your Infants dear:
Defer it not from day to day,
From month to month, from year to year:

Lest you, like me, too late lament,
Your Life bereft of all it’s joy;
Clasp now the Gift so kindly sent,
Lest you behold your dying Boy!

Lest you see with trembling Fear,
With inexpressible Distress;
The purple spots of Death appear,
To blast your Hopes and Happiness:

Lest your keenest grief to wake,
Like mine your suffering prattler say,
‘Go, bid my Father come and take
‘These frightful Spots and Sores away.’

Quickly from such fears be free:
Oh! there is Danger in Delay!
Say not to-morrow it shall be: …
To-morrow! no; to-day, to-day.

Embrace the Blessing Heaven hath sent;
So shall you ne’er such pangs endure:
Oh! give a Trifle to prevent,
What you would give a World to cure.


Date: 1803

By: Nathaniel Bloomfield (1759-1831)