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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sonetto by Robert Greene

What thing is Loue? It is a power diuine
That raines in vs: or else a wreakefull law
That doomes our mindes to beautie to encline:
It is a starre whose influence dooth draw
Our hearts to Loue dissembling of his might,
Till he be master of our hearts and sight.

Loue is a discord and a strange diuorce
Betwixt our sense and reason, by whose power
As madde with reason we admit that force,
Which wit or labour neuer may deuoure,
It is a will that brooketh no consent:
It would refuse, yet neuer may repent.

Loue’s a desire, which for to waite a time,
Dooth loose an age of yeeres, and so doth passe
As dooth the shadow seuerd from his prime,
Seeming as though it were, yet neuer was.
Leauing behinde nought but repentant thoughts
Of daies ill spent, for that which profits noughts.

Tis now a peace, and then a sodaine warre,
A hope consumde before it is conceiude,
At hand it feares, and menaceth a farre,
And he that gaines is most of all deceiude:
It is a secret hidden and not knowne,
Which one may better feele than write vpon.

From: Collins, J Churton, The Plays and Poems of Robert Greene, Volume II, 1905, Clarendon Press; Oxford, p. 262.

Date: 1589

By: Robert Greene (1558-1592)