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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Of Mirth by Nicholas Grimald

A heavy heart with woe increaseth every smart;
A mirthful mind in time of need defendeth sorrow’s dart.
The sprite of quickness seems by dreary sadness slain;
By mirth a man to lively plight revived is again.
Dolour drieth up the bones; the sad shall soon be sick ;
Mirth can preserve the kindly health; mirth makes the body quick.
Deep dumps do nought but dull, not meet for man, but beast:
A merry heart, sage Solomon counts his continual feast.
Sad soul before thy time brings thee unto death’s door;
That fond conditions have bereft, late day cannot restore.
As when the covered heaven shows forth a low’ring face,
Fair Titan with his learn of light returns a goodly grace;
So when our burdened breast is whelm’d with cloudy thought,
A pleasant calm throughout the corpse, by cheerful heart is brought.
Enjoy we then our joys and in the Lord rejoice!
Faith making fast eternal joy of joys while we have choice

From: Songs and Sonnets of the Earl of Surrey, ?1809, pp. 348-349.

Date: 1557

By: Nicholas Grimald (1519-1562)