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Thursday, 7 March 2013

On His Mistress Drown’d by Thomas Sprat

Sweet stream, that dost with equal Pace
Both thy self fly, and thy self chace,
Forbear a while to flow,
And listen to my Woe.

Then go and tell the Sea that all its Brine
Is fresh, compar’d to mine;
Inform it that the gentler Dame,
Who was the Life of all my Flame,
In the Glory of her Bud
Has pass’d the fatal Flood,
Death by this only Stroke triumphs above
The greatest Power of Love:

Alas, alas! I must give o’er,
My sighs will let me add no more.
Go on, sweet Stream, and henceforth rest
No more than does my troubled Breast;
And if my sad Complaints have made thee stay
These Tears, these Tears shall mend thy way.

From: Dryden, John, The First [-Sixth] Part of Miscellany Poems: Containing Variety of New Translations of the Ancient Poets: Together with Several Original Poems, 1727, Jacob Tonson:London, pp. 130.

Date: 1693

By: Thomas Sprat (1635-1713)