Avatar by Victor J Daley

Mine is the beauty of all bygone years;
I hold within triumphant arms to-day
The loveliness of ages passed away,
Brynhild’s, Ysolt’s, Gudrun’s, and Guinevere’s
And hers for whom avenging Argive spears
Smote Trojan heroes in that ancient fray,
And fierce Achilles did great Hector slay,
While sad Andromache wept widow’s tears.

Nature is not so rich that she can waste
The wonders of her working wantonly;
Blanaid the Fair, and Rosalie the Chaste,
And burning Sappho, Queen of Melody,
Are born again, and all their charms embraced
In one fair woman who was born for me!

From: (http://adc.library.usyd.edu.au/view?docId=ozlit/xml-main-texts/dalwine.xml&chunk.id=d841e268&toc.id=d841e268&database=&collection=&brand=default)

Date: 1911 (published)

By: Victor J Daley (1858-1905)

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