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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

When God Created Messer Messerin’ by Rustico di Filippo

When God created Messer Messerin’
He thought He’d worked a miracle indeed,
Good will of bird and beast and man to win
He took a hint from every kind of breed:
His throat was modelled in a duckling’s way,
His limbs were the giraffe’s to contemplate,
Human he was, at least that’s what they say,
According to his cheery crimson pate.
He seemed a crow when he began to sing,
In learning he was certainly an ass,
And, judging by his dress, he was a man.
Him God created when it came to pass
He’d nothing else to do and hence did plan
To prove His skill creating this strange thing!

From: Lucchi, Lorna de’, An Anthology of Italian Poems 13th-19th Century, 1922, Alfred A Knopf: New York, p. 21.

Date: 1922 (translated)

By: Rustico di Filippo (1235-1295)

Translated by: Lorna de’ Lucchi (?-?)