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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Apprehension by Agnes Mary Frances (Robinson) (Darmesteter) Duclaux

The hills come down on every side,
The marsh lies green below,
The green, green valley is long and wide.
Where the grass grows thick with the rush beside.
And the white sheep come and go.

Down in the marsh it is green and still ;
You may linger all the day.
Till a shadow slants from the western hill,
And the color goes out of the flowers in the rill.
And the sheep look ghostly gray.

And never a change in the great green flat
Till the change of night, my friend.
Oh wide green valley where we two sat,
How I longed that our lives were as peaceful as that,
And seen from end to end!

O foolish dream, to hope that such as I
Who only answer to thine easiest moods,
Should fill thy heart, as o’er my heart there broods
The perfect fulness of thy memory!
I flit across thy soul as white birds fly
Across the untrodden desert solitudes:
A moment’s flash of wings; fair interludes
That leave unchanged the eternal sand and sky.

Even such to thee am I; but thou to me
As the embracing shore to the sobbing sea.
Even as the sea itself to the stone-tossed rill.
But who, but who shall give such rest to thee?
The deep mid-ocean waters perpetually
Call to the land, and call unanswered still.

As dreams the fasting nun of Paradise,
And finds her gnawing hunger pass away
In thinking of the happy bridal day
That soon shall dawn upon her watching eyes.
So, dreaming of your love, do I despise
Harshness or death of friends, doubt, slow decay,
Madness, — all dreads that fill me with dismay,
And creep about me oft with fell surmise.
For you are true ; and all I hoped you are;
O perfect answer to my calling heart!
And very sweet my life is, having thee.
Yet must I dread the dim end shrouded far;
Yet must I dream : should once the good planks start,
How bottomless yawns beneath the boiling sea!

From: Robinson, A Mary F, The New Arcadia and Other Poems, 1884, Roberts Brothers: Boston, pp. 167-169.

Date: 1884

By: Agnes Mary Frances (Robinson) (Darmesteter) Duclaux (1857-1944)