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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hay Fever, If Hilaire Belloc Had It by Christopher Morley

With this handkerchief and this nose
Seven million separate blows
Neighed I, brayed I, sobbed I, blew I,
Snorted I, wept I, mopped I, crew I,
Tickled I, prickled I, groaned and moaned I,
And for all my sins atoned I;
Raged I, sniffled I, and exploded,
And a speedy death foreboded,
Swayed I, prayed I, shook I, shouted I,
To expensive doctors touted I,
Gobbled I, hobbled I, atomised I,
Cursed I and philosophised I,
Worked I, shirked I, lay and lurked I,
And in horrid spasms jerked I,
Camphored, menthol’d, and cold creamed I
And asthmatic nightmares dreamed I,
Those who hate me highly pleased I,
And–I’ll not conceal it–


Date: 1917

By: Christopher Morley (1890-1957)