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Monday, 6 February 2012

The Albatross, Or The Rock of Ages by John Dunmore Lang

The Albatross, with ceaseless flight,
May cruize for many a day,
And many a long and stormy night,
While land lies far away.
But still there is some rocky isle,
Amid the Southern seas,
Where the tall albatross awhile
Forgets to mount the breeze.
For thither he will speed at length
(Howe’er he loves to roam)
To build his nest and gather strength —
The sea-bird has a home!
How like the sea-bird’s airy flight,
Deluded man, is thine,
Pursuing pleasure day and night
Amid the ocean brine!
For sure the world is but a sea,
And pleasure is not there,
But bootless toil and vanity,
And sorrow and despair.
But, ah! unlike the albatross,
Still dost thou vainly fly
The waves of that wild sea across
Although thy Rock is nigh!
For know, there is a Rock for thee,
And firmly does it stand;
Blest is its shadow far at sea,
Or in the weary land.
There rich refreshments thou shalt find,
There living water flows,
And sweetest fruit of every kind
In every season grows.
Then thither speed thy drooping wing,
Nor longer idly roam,
Christ is thy Rock, and he will bring
Thee to a heavenly home!


Date: 1826

By: John Dunmore Lang (1799-1878)