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Saturday, 21 January 2012

All Kinds by A S Kline

There is the poetry of things.
Lovely sensory description,
feel of people, action, texture,
colour through observant eyes.
There’s the poetry of things.

There is the poetry of self,
psyche sliding against life,
the warring concrete words
the wards of solid memory,
the titanic poems of self.

There are the poems of others,
watching, finding others,
loving, aiding, being, calling
others in sheer voices,
selfless simple poems of others.

There’s a poetry of feeling,
the rage at being here, being this,
the ecstasies of yielding, in
apocalyptic transformation,
the roaring poems of feeling.

And there are poems of mind,
slight and enduring,
watchers of night and trees,
deceptively speaking
voices with no self, outside others,
elusive poems of mind.


Date: 2004

By: A S Kline (1947- )